Pet Stain/Odor

Pet Stain/Odor

Pet odor can really be a problem, especially if your pet has a "favorite" spot on the carpet. Pet accidents can cause urine to soak through the carpet into the backing, carpet padding and even into the sub-floor. Typically it takes several accidents for the urine to soak through. The toughest task in getting the pet odor out is to remove the contamination from all of the affected layers.

Rest assured Knight's Carpet Care has the expertise to handle your worst pet odor problems. There are 4 options for pet urine removal. Below is some basic descriptions of your options. Our staff can help decide the best way to handle your situation.

Option 1
Clean the carpet as normal. This includes pre-spotting to attempt to remove the stain. This is the way to go if odor isn't a problem.

Option 2
Clean the carpet with our powerful pet enzyme treatment.(topical treatment). This is one option if odor is a problem. If there are several spots in your home, but no one specific area.

Option 3
Subsurface extraction to flush the urine out from the padding. This option would be good if you have one or two areas where your pet has their favorite spot. We use a water claw tool to flush the urine up from the padding with our high power enzymes and deodorizers. The water claw extracts the moisture from the pad. This can be effective if deposits have reached the pad and aren't too severe. We will do this multiple times in the same area to get a "flush" effect.

Option 4
This is a multi step process, we will need to make 2 trips out to complete the service. Trip one: we will pull the carpet back, remove the damaged pad and tack strips if necessary. Clean the carpet backing, subfloor, face fiber, and treat with enzymes. Typically takes 24-48 hours to fully dry. Trip two: on the finish up trip, we will seal the subfloor, install new pad and tack strips, restretch the carpet, then finish up with a cleaning. This is the way to go if your cat has a favorite corner, or your dog a favorite walkway.

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