Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is a major household investment. Regular maintenance will make it look better and last longer. Most people don't vacuum their furniture enough, or even think about having it cleaned. Knight's Carpet Care can bring your furniture back to life.

Upholstered furniture has a more varied range of materials and manufacturing methods than carpet. One cleaning process will not work on all types of upholstered furniture. Our knowledgeable technicians can identify the fabric type of each upholstered piece and what cleaning methods will give your upholstery the best, safest and longest lasting clean.

If you have inspected your upholstery cleaning tag and it says "dry clean only" or "solvent clean", most likely your upholstery has some natural fiber content like cotton. We clean these pieces with no problem at all. We employe all the latest cleaning methods from the furniture manufactures to safely clean these natural fiber pieces.

No extra charge for loose back cushions!!

After the cleaning leave cushions set up for faster drying, rotate them every 10-20 minutes until dry. Do not put them back down until completely dry.

We also offer Aniline Leather cleaning. Call us today for a free price quote 614-888-9711.

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