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Gahanna Carpet Cleaning

Knight’s Carpet Care of Gahanna provide excellent services at affordable prices. Regardless of the size or material of your carpet, our staff will remove every kind of stain and make your carpet new again.

We also clean upholsteries. Whether your seats have leather or fabric covers, Knight Carpet Care of Gahanna will make them regain their brand new appearance. Our upholstery cleaners are non-toxic, environmentally safe and water-based. Your upholstery will be in the hands of professionals when you hire us to do the job.

Knight’s Carpet Care of Gahanna uses modern machines and technologies to clean carpets and upholsteries. Our level of experience in the industry enable us to complete our projects within the set deadline. We are time conscious and value your time as our esteemed client. Call us today to work with the best carpet cleaners in Gahanna.

If you have any questions, reach to our Knights carpet cleaning Gahanna Ohio crew.

Gahanna Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We provide quality carpet cleaning services in Gahanna, Ohio at pocket-friendly prices. We understand that clean carpets are visually appealing, potentially lasts longer and is healthier than poorly maintained carpets.

Why keep your carpet dirty and a pool of bacteria that could infect your employees, causing you to spend more money on treatment? Hire us today to transform your dull and boring carpet into the bright carpet you bought a couple of months or years back.

We have the rotary machine which has a heavy duty scrubbing mechanism that would not be achieved by other carpet machines available in the market today. We use premium cleaning products including shampoos, sprays, stain removers and stain guards that are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our staff conduct a cleaning test to ensure that the soaps are not reacting with the carpet before beginning the actual cleaning.

Regardless of the type of fabric or size of your carpet, our staff are capable of cleaning it effectively due to the number of years they spent in this industry. If you are looking for carpet cleaners in Gahanna, Ohio today, then you can call us!

Got Dirty Carpets?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Gahanna Ohio

Pet Stain Removal

Pet stain removal is our specialty. We understand how pets are important to you and your family and we can help you remove the stains and odors that they leave behind on the upholsteries and carpets. Here is our pet stain removal process:

-Detection of the stain areas using Ultra-Violet Light
Using our special machine that produces ultra-violet light, we identify the areas of your carpet or upholstery that have pet urine. The urine salts glow under ultra violet light making it easy to detect the contaminated areas.

-Pre-treatment with a special solution
Our staff will apply a protein-digesting solution to the urine contaminated areas of the carpet to weaken the proteins in preparation for their removal. Our pet odor removal specialists are good at what they do.

-Pet odor and stain removal using Enzyme Cleaners
We apply special cleaners to the marked areas of the rugs, carpet and upholsteries to break down and remove the stains. Our methods not only remove the unpleasant odor but also destroys the micro-organisms responsible for the smell.

-The Stubborn Cases
In the cases where the urine has been soaked through the carpet and onto the floor, deep extraction methods may be required to clean the carpets. Our carpet cleaners may have to remove the carpet and take it for cleaning at our workshop. We will give you another carpet temporarily as we work on yours.

Our specialists will also scrub the floor to remove any stains that penetrated the carpet. By the time we are done with your carpet and floors, your home will have a sweet-smell.

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History & Demographics of Gahanna, Ohio

Gahanna is a city located in Franklin County in Ohio. It offers great parks where families can bond and get to know each other better. Gahanna has a population of 33,248 as of the 2010 census. There are numerous things you can do in this beautiful city such as visiting the Veteran’s Memorial Park, the Creekside Park and even the Ohio Herb Education Center. If you want to go healthy, then you can visit the Therapeutic and Lymphatic Massage center in the city.

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